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1599 Geneva Bible (Herberts 252)

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Title: The Bible, That is, the Holy Scriptures, contained in the Olde and Newe Testament, Translated According to the Ebrew and Greeke…
Printer: Christopher Barker
Place: London
Year: 1599
Description: Tomson-Junius edition.  Bound in leather, corners worn, raised spine, scuffed leather, some pages with spots and stains, but most pages very good, general and New Testament titles present with decorative woodcut borders including 12 tribes & 12 apostles.  No Apocrypha.  New Testament  followed by short tables.  Printer's devices found.  New Testament  title reads, "The New Testament... Translated out of Greeke by Theod. Beza's with briefe summaries and expositions upon the hard places by the said author, Iaoc. Camer. and P. Loseler. Villerius.  Englished by L. Tomson.  Together with the Annotations of Fr. Junius upon the Revelation of St. John."  Roman type.  Sectional titles also. Interesting misspelling out Ester.  According to Herbert 252, it may have been printed in 1633.  Printer's device follows Revelation, as does someone's antique practicing of writing the numbers.  Stain on verso of Revelation page.  Tables follow NT.  Antique scrawling on verso of NT, appears to be owner's signature or a brief family history.  General title discolored.  Some staining and discolored spots on endpapers.  Clipping regarding a cataloguing of this edition affixed to endpaper. 
Reference: Herbert’s 252

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